101 [things] in 1001 [days]

If you haven't heard of the 101 in 1001/Day Zero Project then I suggest you listen closely! I first heard about it from Toni at One Chocolate Box and fell in love with the idea of starting my own once the new year rang in.

I love it for many reasons; for starters, it's a list and I love lists. Another reason is that it's a long term project so it feels more doable to me. I don't do resolutions every year because I can't stick with them so the fact that this is almost a 3 year project vs 1 year of resolutions is a major plus for me. It'll also help me grow as a person, complete some of my bucket list and do/experience a bunch of new things (also known as "living life").

Now that I've got your attention, here's how it works (information from the Day Zero Project site):

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (represent some amount of work on your part). 

Start Date: January 1, 2014
End Date: September 28, 2016

Progress: 18/101 (17.82%)

Blog Related!
01. Create a killer 'about me' page.
02. Redesign/completely overhaul my blog. (Completed 1/1/14)
03. Reach 500 published posts. (104/500 - 20.8% complete)
04. Have professional photos done of myself.
05. Register my domain name. (Completed 1/20/14)
06. Finish creating/perfecting my weekly newsletter forms with MailChimp.

07. Go to Comic Con/any awesome convention.
08. Go camping with Evan and friends.
09. Go to a concert. (Completed 3/5/14, Demi Lovato/Little Mix/Fifth Harmony)
10. Go on a sleigh/carriage ride.
11. Visit NYC for a weekend.

12. Go on a road trip. (Completed March 16-25, 2014)
13. Explore more of New Hampshire.
14. Go on a honeymoon with Evan.
15. Visit Orlando, especially the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
16. Revisit all the places in NH I went to as a child.

17. Buy myself a nice Canon dSLR. (Completed March 2014)
18. Participate in the Capture Your 365 Photo Challenge.
19. Take lots of pictures while exploring New Hampshire.
20. Invest in Adobe Creative Suite 6. (Completed 3/5/14)
21. Buy a family photo album.

Apartment Makeover!
22. Revamp bathroom (raise curtain rod/add extra long shower curtain, floating shelves).
23. Make towel rack to hang on bathroom wall.
24. Upcycle old black dresser in bedroom.
25. Upcycle an entertainment center.
26. Buy a loveseat to replace old living room chairs.
27. Buy a new desk/workstation and chair.
28. Spend a weekend thoroughly cleaning every inch of the apartment (floor to ceiling).
29. Repaint old bookcase in bedroom.
30. Repaint the top of end table (Union Jack).
31. Hang floating shelves in the living room.

32. Try 10 new recipes from Pinterest. (4/10)
33. Perfect 5 new recipes. (1/5)
34. Try 5 new "family owned/small business/local" restaurants.
35. Go vegetarian for a month.
36. Try 5 new vegetarian meals. (2/5)
37. Make frosting from scratch.
38. Start a binder/recipe collection. (Completed 1/1/14)
39. Learn how to can/preserve food.
40. Buy a set of really nice pots & pans that will last! (Completed February 2014)

Just Because!
41. Have professional photos done of Evan and I.
42. Name a star after someone.
43. Have an awesome 80's themed photoshoot with Morgan and Evan.
44. Complete an "All About Us" book with Evan after each new year. (2014, 2015, 2016)
45. Start a scrapbook.
46. Complete 10 diy projects from Pinterest. (2/10)

47. Open an account with a local credit union. (Completed 3/3/14)
48. Start a savings account/plan. (Completed 3/3/14)
49. Set aside at least $50 a month.

50. Write an official will.
51. Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 1001 days (September 28, 2016).
52. Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 5 years.
53. Write at least one letter per month per pen pal.
54. Fill an entire journal with love letters to Evan from our first year of marriage (12/9/13-12/9/14).
55. Send a postcard to PostSecret.

56. Read the Game of Thrones series.
57. Reread the Harry Potter series.
58. Read Pride and Prejudice.
59. Read Jane Eyre.
60. Read the Bible.
61. Read the Perks of Being A Wallflower.
62. Read Across the Universe.
63. Read 10 other books (1/10).
64. Read 3 Pablo Neruda books.
65. Read 1 Osho books.
66. Read 2 Eckhart Tolle books.

67. Lose 30lbs.
68. Take vitamins/supplements daily.
69. Drink 5+ glasses of water daily.
70. Exercise at least 15 minutes daily.
71. Try yoga every day for a month.
72. Invest in a gym membership. (Completed March 2014)

Giving Back!
73. Volunteer at the local animal shelter 10 times.
74. Donate items we don't use/need.
75. Send Christmas cards to soldiers.
76. Send a care package to a bloggy friend.
77. Donate toys to Toys for Tots.
78. Volunteer at a food pantry/soup kitchen.

79. Take a French class.
80. Learn calligraphy/hand lettering.
81. Learn more about my heritage/family.
82. Continue practicing how to drive a "standard" car.
83. Learn how to make candles.
84. Learn how to make my own dish/hand/laundry soaps.

85. Take an online design/developing class with Lynda.com.
86. Take the Skillcrush 101 class.
87. Get accepted into a graphic/web design program at a local college.
88. Invest in a really nice computer. (Completed 3/6/14)
89. Invest in an external hard drive.
90. Invest in a few professional/clean cut outfits.
91. Invest in a Wacom tablet. (Completed March 2014)

For Myself!
92. Dye my hair ombre. (Completed March 2014)
93. Buy my own car! (Completed March 2014)
94. Invest in a smartphone. (Completed 2/18/14)
95. Get a new, meaningful tattoo. (Completed March 2014)
96. Stop biting my nails.
97. Complete the "Cake for Breakfast" course.
98. Officially change my last name to Evan's last name.
99. Start a 5 year journal (from Modcloth).
100. Write another 101 in 1001 list to complete after this one.
101. Spend a rainy day in my jammies watching movies with Evan. (Completed 1/6/14)


  1. Great list! I've considered doing this myself. Maybe this will inspire me to do it.

    1. Thanks Marisa! I hope you try the 101 in 1001 project because it's totally awesome! :)

  2. Such a cool list. I love 101 lists. I made one a couple of years ago. Never finished it so I turned it into a life list :)

  3. Wow! I love your list! I'm crossing my fingers for you on achieving all these :D oh, and your blog looks FABULOUS! Fantastic work :)

    1. Thanks Toni! I'm crossing my fingers as well :) And thank you, thank you, thank you! I worked my butt off working on these changes over the last few weeks. :D