My Week In Pictures #01

I finally got an iPhone! And now I completely understand why people are addicted to them!

01: I bought myself a cheap bouquet of flowers while taking my first trip ever to Trader Joes! It was under $4 and also the subject of my first Instagram photo. 
02: Finally used my vintage 1970s crockpot for the first time and it was a beast.
03: First Instagram selfie, holla! Also it was almost 50 degrees out that day so I was pretty excited. 
04: Viper decided that our closet is her new favorite place to sleep, more particularly my basket full of sweaters.
05: Messed around in the kitchen to come up with some badass peanut butter chocolate chip protein balls (recipe coming soon!).
06: A quick picture of what our grout looked like before and after a few coats of PolyBlend Grout Renew.


  1. Welcome to the world of iPhone! What's your instagram name?

  2. Thanks Soph! I'm pretty happy to have joined it finally, and now I don't know how I'll ever live without one. You can find me on Instagram at simplysharilynn :)

  3. I love getting flowers from Trader Joe's - so cheap, but so pretty!